We got them off the wall
and set them on the table.

Until recently, ZIK ZAK hand towels were a strictly professional product that you could only find on wall-mounted appliances in professional places, such as kitchens, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

We took them off the wall and set them on the table in a nylon and paper packaging. After several trials and being sure of their quality and usability, we were the first to supply the shelves of super markets with them in the form of a private label.

It’s also time to present them with our own signature. The new greek brand in personal hygiene paper products is called White Leaf® and is here to meet your needs.


A “White Leaf” and one simple move is enough to make your daily life easier.

We created a new ergonomic airtight packaging that protects the product from germs, dust and humidity. You can carry it around anywhere you wish and use it quickly and simply without the need of a dispenser.


It will be your right-hand man…

Unlike common paper rolls, White Leaf® hand towels were created to make daily cleaning and drying of surfaces easier than ever, while staying clean and protected from dust and humidity throughout their time of use.

Now, you can get the amount of paper you need with one hand and a simple pull, saving on usage.

It will become your right-hand man, not only in the kitchen but wherever you need to wipe or dry a surface and your hands as well. Their stylish packaging can match your decoration all over the house such as:

-living room
-dining room
-office/study room